Thursday, 27 February 2014

Holy Trinity Cemetery, Hoylake - 2 Canadians

According to the CWGC website, there are 23 identified war graves in this cemetery, although we weren't able to visit all of them.

We did spend a few quiet  moments at several gravesides and thought we'd like to give special mention to the two Canadians who were so far from home when they died.

Private Henry James Gutteridge of the 52nd Manitoba Batallion of the Canadian Infantry who died on 13th May 1917

Private James Arthur Jones of the Canadian Infantry, Alberta regiment who died on 29th June 1917.

James was originally born in Preston, Lancashire on 9th January 1881. He travelled to Canada as a Presbytarian Missionary and married Fanny Jane.

He enlisted at Medecine Hat in Alberta on 12th May 1916. He saw action in Europe but died of gunshot and shrapnel wounds in hospital back in England.