Saturday, 22 February 2014

Harold Airey - Royal Naval Air Service

Harold Ferguson Airey
Flight Sub Lieutenant
Royal Naval Air Service
Died: 23rd November 1917, Dover 
Age: 19
Grave located in: St Annes Parish Churchyard, St Annes on the Sea, Lancashire
Also commemorated on the Hale town memorial.
Extra information:
Attended King Edward's School, St. Annes on Sea and the Hale Congregational Church.

Employed in his father's firm who was the principal of Messrs. F.S. Airey, Entwistle & Co, Mill Valuers and Auctioneers, Norfolk St, Manchester.

He had been at the front, where he shot down one enemy aircraft.   He transferred to Dover to test new flying machines.     On the 23rd he was having a final trial flight when he nosed dived and failed to recover.

Buried at St. Anne's Parish Churchyard, St. Anne's on Sea, Lancashire on Monday 26th November 1917